Monday, August 29, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and a Franken

Hello Ladies!

Today I have a couple of simple swatches.  One is Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and the other is a franken I did trying to mimic Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers.  It didn't work if that's what you're wondering, however I'm still loving it.

I love all the different glitters in here.

Let me know what you think about this next one.  I still don't have a name for it.

I love how I tried to make it look like OPI. (:  Well it's not.  This is my franken.  The glitter I used was in a red jelly base so it really made the black creme interesting.

1/4 bottle of Wet 'N' Wild Black Creme
3/4 bottle of Kleancolor Red-Hot

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ulta Material Girl

Today I have Material Girl by Ulta.  I love, love, love this color.  It is a rich fuschia shimmer with holographic glitter.  I'm in a real glittery mood lately, but this one ate all 4 (yes, 4) of my top coats like it was nobody's business.  However, I will definitely wear it again so check it out and tell me what you think.

This is the one where you can see the texture since it ate all my TCs.
It's a little lighter then in the bottle but not too much.
Look at all that glittery goodness!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kleancolor Jelly Glitters

Hello All!

Today I just have a quick post of the Kleancolor Glitters I promised you a few posts back.  I painted 3 coats over a white base so that you guys could see the true colors.  Check them out.

FROM L to R:
Red-Hot [index], Born to the Purple [middle], Blue-eyed Girl [ring], and Fuschia Glitter [pinky]

So tell me, do you own any of these polishes?  What do you think of Kleancolor and the glitters?  Leave all your comments and questions below or email me at lacquerlover[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Monday, August 15, 2011

F21 Love & Beauty Polish


Hello Loves!

Sorry I've been gone a little while.  My boyfriend took pieces from my computer and put them into his so mine is out of commission for a while.  In the time it took him to dismantle my computer, I tried out this beautiful Love & Beauty polish from F21 called blue/green.  How creative!  No matter the name (or lack thereof) it is a gorgeous multi-chrome that looks blue, teal, and in the right light purple.  Check out this sparkly gem!

3 coats in sun
1 light coat over black in shade

pointer and ring fingers: 1 coat over black
middle and pinky fingers: 3 coats

in shade without sparkle
blurry for sparkle effect

in shade: love that smudged pinky. arg!
beautiful sparkly pic at dusk

In the 3rd and 4th pics, you can really see the purple come through.  So I have to say I'm pretty impressed with this polish considering how cheap it was.  If you like this look, you can pick up Love & Beauty polishes at Forever 21 for $2.80 a pop.  Not bad!

If you enjoyed this post, let me know!  Leave all your comments or questions below.  You can also email me at lacquerlover[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl

Hi all!

I have just a quick post of a beautiful purple jelly.  Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl has little bits of purple and pink micro-glitter and bears a striking resemblance to Confetti Happy photo that is.  If anyone has these two colors, I would love to see a comparison.  And just a little forewarning, these pics are not the best in the sizes they are shown.  If you want the full effect, just click the pic to enlarge it.  Enjoy!

These pics don't even begin to convey the amazingness of what's in the bottle, but I did the best I could.  The sad part is that I didn't even capture one fleck of glitter on any of my nails.  Only the bottle.  Wah!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

popBeauty Ultraviolet w/ a Sugar Coat

Hello Lovelies!

Today I have for you something amazing.  Something that will blow you away.  Something that really reminds me of unicorn  :\  On my last trip to Ulta I picked up quite a few popBeauty colors.  If you remember, the Turquoise was the first and today I'm going to show you Ultraviolet.  Below you will see two coats of the pop and one of Kleancolor's Sugar Coat.
Sugar Coat contains lots of iridescent micro-glitter with chunks of hexagonal glitter in a clear base.

Alright now.  As you can see I'm completely in love with this manicure and these polishes.  My friend Robin brought me a ton of different Kleancolor glitters.  I'll have to swatch them all for you guys soon.

Have a wonderful, colorful day!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

OPI Russian Navy (Suede)

Today I wanted to show off my new little love...OPI Russian Navy (Suede).  Think me silly, but I soooo didn't know what the suede effect was before I bought this polish.  Needless to say I didn't quite enjoy it as much as the original Russian Navy, but hey!  It's still gorgeous.  The following pics are of two effortless coats and no TC.  I do apologize for the lighting, but it was raining like crazy and really dark outside.  My kitchen lighting didn't do too bad of a job I think.  You tell me:
I'm really glad I talked myself into buying this polish, and I feel like it's very appropriate for the upcoming Fall season.  I can't wait for it to get here, but it still feels like Summer outside.  I'm ready for the darker colors and warmer clothing.
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