Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orly After Party w/ Stamp

So I was going to just do a stamping post today, but when I chose my base polish, I was not expecting such awesomeness.  I mean, I knew it was gorgeous when I bought it, but to my surprise, it's a 1 COATER!  I just love when that happens because I'm so tired at the end of the day that it's even difficult to muster up the energy to take off my polish.  Then I have to paint them...ugh!  That's why I try to do all that on the weekends.  But anyway, I didn't intend to swatch this for you all, but I just have to show you.  Also if I had known it was a 1 coater, I would have been more careful and precise with my application.  I just kinda slapped it on there for the sake of time.

After Party is a blackened blue base with bright blue and purple glass flecks.  They show up a lot more in the flash than in the bottle...NICE!  My only call out is the formula.  It was a little goopy, and this is my first time using it.  I hope it's just my bottle so that I can get a replacement if need be, but I'm just gonna add a little polish thinner and be done with it.  That should solve the issue.  Other than that, I'm in love with this polish.  With every new bottle of Orly I buy, my mind is blown.  I'm never disappointed and always happier than with the one before.  It's starting to become my favorite brand of polish I think.  ♥

Now for the stamp!  I kinda wish I didn't add a top coat before I took the photo because it kinda made the silver fade.  It was way more visible before TC.  I do love the way it looks so I wish you all could see it the way I see it.  Sorry! ):

Orly After Party...duh!
Ruby Kisses Silver Bling
BM plate 208 - 2 different stamps

Well I know this was a late post, but enjoy it.  This polish is sure to give me sweet dreams!


  1. Replies
    1. yea! i've never been disappointed with an orly polish.

  2. Lolz this forumla is goopy. I read about it from other bloggers saying the same thing <3 But it looks good thou <3

    1. ok so i do need to work w/ thanks for the confirmation.

  3. I love dark colours like this!

    1. me too. i think my most fave colors are the "almost blacks". when light hits it, it's always a surprise.


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