Friday, September 7, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Black and White

Welcome to Oreo day!  Ya know black and white day?  LOL!

As much as I wish I had Cover Band's Sticks n Stones, I kinda love this more.  I used my Love&Beauty (or should I say LA Girl?) polish Uninhibited.  Of course it only says "black glitter" on the tag so I had to look it up.
I still can't believe this is an untried because when I worked at F21 and this was sent to stores, I was the first to freak out over it.  Then I bought it and never used it.  What?  Idk!
And just for fun, I couldn't leave it like that.  I wanted to try my cheapy silver glitter too.  This is LA Colors Sparkling Diamond and it was $1 from Dollar Tree.  I think this brand is so good for being so cheap.

♥ this together!
I am not crazy about black and white as a color combo, but since it's only one day, what the hell?  Now I can't wait to get this awesome glitter combo onto a color that actually matters.

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