Sunday, September 23, 2012

Color Club Wicked Sweet Minis

Hello Everyone!

I'm alive!  I'm sure you would have never guessed.  lol I am still in the process of moving to my new place so posting is not high on my list of priorities.  That's sad.  Anyway, I have a fun mini collection for you today.  It's the Summer 2011 Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection AND they are scented!  I know a lot of people who aren't crazy about scented polish, but I love it.  I love scented everything actually.  Scratch 'n' Sniffs are the best!

Again these are only minis so there are only 4 however, I don't think I would have worn the others anyway (except for that orange).
This is the full collection...
...and these are mine!

First up is Get Your Lem-on.  It is a slight sheer neon yellow base with amazing blue micro shimmer.  I had to use three coats over my natural nail.  Over white I'm sure I could have got away with one or two thin coats.  This one smells like lemons (obviously) but more like lemon scented cleaner and not so much the fruit.  The color is definitely better than the scent.
Here we have Yum Gum which is my ultimate favorite of the whole collection.  Not just the minis, but ALL of them.  I love how shocking of a neon pink it is, but I just wish it were as bright in photos as it is in real life.  You would freak over how blinding it is.  I actually don't own a pink neon in this shade.  It is a creme that was a little thick but very easy to apply and was self-leveling.  I only needed two coats.  The smell of this would be like heaven for a kid.  It smells like straight up Bubble Yum!  I love Bubble Yum!

I know I had no say over this one coming in the package, but I'm still disappointed in myself for even owning it.  If you come her often you may have seen me post about how I own several, and way too many, of this color.  I don't even really like this color, but what are ya gonna do?  It was out of my control.  It is called Gimme a Grape Big Kiss and it's SUPPOSED to smell like grape, but I have yet to experience that.  It still smells like nail polish.  Even the swatch on the nail wheel does.  So anyway, this is a neon fuschia creme and I used three coats.  The formula was a little thicker than I would have liked but not unmanageable.
Lastly is the collections name sake, Wicked Sweet.  I love this one a lot too.  It is the same color as an LA Colors mini polish I had once and I used it all up.  I never really tried to look for another one, but I'm glad I happened to find this one.  I don't want to say it again so I'll just say the color is the blue twin of Get Your Lem-on, blue shimmer and all.  The formula on this one was much better than the LA Colors polish and I only needed two coats.  This one also has another heavenly smell, in my opinion, because it's like candy.  It smells like blue raspberry!  mmm!

So eventhough this is a Summer collection from last year, it's still one of the best I think.  What do you all think?


  1. Haha for me give me a grape big kiss is the only thing that smells like a fruit. And when are you going to post someting new on fashion glitter and rock and roll?

    1. lol oh wow. idk i put that on hold for a while. i have a hard enough time running this blog. i am also in the process of packing and moving so i only have enough clothes for 5 outfits for my work week. just because you asked, i will plan some stuff soon...promise!


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