Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Claire's Sea Glass Manicure Set

Is this my NYE mani?  No.  Do I have a NYE mani?  No.  lol I've been really slacking on keeping up with my nails because holiday season in retail is just too stressful.  Add trying to execute a perfect mani on the daily and I'd be pulling my hair out.  I've already sprouted some grays and I don't plan on getting anymore.  Instead I dug into my un-blogged photos to see if there was anything interesting in there and this is what I found.
I thought this was an interesting concept.  I knew I probably wouldn't ever wear it again, but I'm always up for trying new things.  The sea glass effect is essentially the same concept as the caviar mani.  You paint your nails, I used Zoya Malia, and while it's still tacky you dip your nails into the beads, or in this case the sea glass.  It's really just multicolored bits of shell I think.  It looks a little jagged like it would stab you but it's not.  They actually lay pretty flat.  The only thing I didn't like was that I couldn't get it to cover my whole nail without pieces sticking off.  And that's about it.

Have a wonderful NYE tonight and please be safe.  Don't drink and drive and remember there are lot's of services out there to call for a free ride.  At the very least, call a cab.  Let's start out 2014 with a bang...in a good way!  (:


  1. I think the colors are so pretty and love this sea glass look.Do you know if this set is still selling?

    1. The last time I went in there they still had them. There are other colors too but this one was the prettiest.

    2. I checked for you and yes, it's still available. (:


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