Saturday, January 4, 2014

Product Review - Born Pretty Store Round Studs

**I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Born Pretty Store**

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I didn't do much today because I just wanted to be lazy I guess, but I did get this post together.  Today wasn't a complete bust.  lol  I am going to review the 400pc 2mm nail studs from Born Pretty Store.
photo courtesy of
Look at all the pretty colors!!
Here is my mani using the studs.  I used Julep Meryl for my base.  I wanted to use a neutral so that the colors would really POP.  I only used four studs on each nail but in an ombre effect.  With other larger studs I've used, they tend to stick up on the sides due to the curvature of my nails which is why they don't stay on more than a couple of hours.  They just get caught on things and pop off left and right.  These are smaller at only 2mm so you can see they sit very flat on the nail.  I didn't use a top coat for the photos but I did apply one after the fact to reinforce them which definitely worked.  With my line of work, it's tough to get any type of embellishment to stay on, but these did fairly well.  I managed to keep them on an entire 24+ hours, some of them a bit longer.  I think that's pretty great considering.  If you are gentler on your hands and nails, I'm confident you could get better wear out of them.

I know I could have done a super fun, colorful mani using these, but I just really had my mind set on ombre.  If you'd like to see another mani using all the colors, check out my Christmas Day manicure.

Review Wrap-Up
Price: $ - $7.59 but right now they are 40% off which makes them $4.59.  I think the original price is a little high however it's right on par with every other nail stud packs I find at places like Sally Beauty Supply or
Variety:  The choice of colors from this one wheel is awesome and they
 also come square shaped.  I can do almost any color combination so that's a thumbs up.
Quality:  Great.  They lay flat on the nail and the color doesn't peel off or fade from what I've seen.
Would I Purchase Again:  Not that I need to because this is a 400pc wheel, but yes, I would definitely buy these again.  Maybe for a fellow nail freak like me or a wheel with different shapes or colors.  If you like these studs you can purchase yours HERE.  And don't forget to use my Born Pretty Store code DRJ61 at checkout to get 10% off your order.  Once 10 orders are placed using my code, BPS will host a giveaway just for you.

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