Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dark Rose Mani

Hey Everyone!  I can't wait to show you all this mani.  I don't even know how I came up with it, but it's so ME!  Let's check it out!
I started with two coats of a sparkly dark grey that I mixed myself awhile ago.  Then I used Julep Joy (mauve) and Zoya Posh (red) to create the abstract roses.  Then with my go-to black creme, Sinful Black on Black, and a super skinny nail art brush I added random curved lines to make the roses look like actual roses and less like red and mauve blobs.  Then with the same black polish, I did a color block.  I also used Zoya Veruschka mixed with a little Zoya Zuza to create the perfect green leaves and then I added a matte top coat and done!

I think this is such a cool, gothic style mani with a little bit of a girly flare.  It's definitely something I would be seen in if it were a fabric.  I actually used to have a dress that sort of looked like this but I lost it.  ):  I think someone stole it to tell the truth.  Hmmm...I should look into that.

Well I hope that you all love it as much as I do.  I know it's not Spring/Summer looking but, like I said, it's so ME! (:


  1. Yes, I will agree, this is exactly you! It is marvelous, very elegant & fun at the same time!

  2. These are awesome! It's so great to see your nails again!


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