Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sally Hansen Purple Alloy

I'm sure by now you've all heard about and maybe even seen the new displays of Sally Hansen Color Foils.  If you haven't picked any up yet, you nee to!  I was pretty sure they would be awesome but just in case they weren't I only bought one to start.  I absolutely LOVE it and need to go back and get a couple of other colors.  But just to start, here is a gorgeous purple foil.
Sally Hansen Purple Alloy is a pink-toned purple with a foil or chrome finish that applied like a dream.  It only took one coat (yes I said one coat) to get perfect coverage.  It's really difficult to capture the exact color on camera but the second photo is definitely the closest.  It's almost spot on.  The others are showing it a little darker but think of it more of a lavender foil.  Bottom's gorgeous!  The photos above are shown using a layer of OPI Lay Down That Base and then Purple Alloy over and that only made it better than when I first tried it, but if you don't have the OPI base coat, don't fret.  It still looks amazing without it and you will hardly see any brushstrokes.  Just be sure to buff your nails smooth before application so that you don't see any ridges or snags.  I didn't use a top coat so I don't know how they react or how it might change the effect, if at all.  And because I didn't use a TC, the polish already started to wear on the tips and all I did was go out to eat.  If I actually wore this polish to work (which I will anyway), it would be completely chipped off in a hour, but I still love the effect and the ease of application and the color is to die for.  I can't wait to go back to Target tomorrow and pick up the green and teal ones and maybe a pink and the darker purple.  I don't know which yet, but I do know that I will be getting more for sure.  Have a great night/day (depending on if you slept yet).  I'm gonna hit the hay!


  1. The finish is stunning. I think I'm going to pick up the mint color from the line :)

    1. I finally went back to get the mint and I was a little disappointed. I really thought it would be a minty pastel green and it turned out to be teal. -_-


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