Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Zoya Lolly

Hello Ya Little Lovelies!

This little beauty is so bubblegum, it almost makes me sick.  It's Zoya Lolly.  A preppy pink creme polish with a matte finish.

outside in sunlight

inside with flash
This is not my favorite polish in the world.  I thought I would enjoy it more.  I do love the matte look, but Zoya Phoebe is still my favorite in the Mod Mattes collection.  Next I just have to find Mitzi.


  1. I was JUST about to order this with that code you gave me. But now that I see you think it's meh, I'll wait to buy that later. Thanks for posting it so I know what it will look like on me.

  2. lol np! get phoebe if you want a matte. or look at all the different velvet collection.


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