Monday, October 1, 2012

October Julep Maven Box

I haven't posted a Maven box opening in a while, and I thought this one was a good place to start up again.  I haven't been excited about one in a while too.
First of all, I love crackles so I so happy I got an ORANGE ONE!!  I don't even like orange, but I don't have a crackle that color, and it's pretty damn awesome.  Second of all, I see a little sneak peek of some candy corn in there.  I hate candy corn too, but I sure did eat it.  lol.
Here is what came in the Maven box:  Julep Eloise, Julep Sabrina (cute!), Quick Dry Polish Drops, orange and black glitter, and a baggie of candy corn.
This is Sabrina.  It is a shimmery orange crackle with the cutest name.  I mean, who doesn't love Sabrina?  I particularly like the old school comics best, but Melissa Joan Hart did a good job too.
I forgot to get a photo of Eloise before I put the crackle over it, but this is one coat (I used one coat on the above swatch as well).  It applied very easily, but the color reminds me of Zoya Cynthia.  I'm pretty sure they are not dupes, but I guess I could give it a go.

I did order an add-on polish, but I'm a little disappointed to find out that the add-ons come in a different shipment.  I think that's stupid, but whatever.  I know this wasn't as exciting as I could have made it, but that's the box.  I mean, I don't know what else to show you.

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