Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sephora by OPI 212

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the amazing weather outside.  Here in Houston, it's a little gloomy and a little chilly.  My fave kind of day.  I just love to curl up in my bed with Netflix and polish and stay in all day on days like this.  What are your favorite things to do on a gloomy/chilly Sunday morning?

Today I have for you one of my favorite polishes, but I'm so sad I can't get amazing photos of it.  With my new apartment and living on a new side of town, I get to play with light a little bit so let's see what I got.
I don't know if you all see those creases on my ring finger.  They aren't from the bed sheets, but I've noticed I get them evertime I use my drying drops.  Has anyone else had this "problem" with drying drops?
I got this polish awhile ago, but have yet to wear it until now.  It's an olive green base with holo glitter and rainbow flakies.  I feel like it needs more flakies though so I may add a coat on tap and see what happens.  I mean, how bad could it be?
I just woke up so this isn't my best or most informative post, but at least you have pretty pictures.


  1. This polish is gorgeous! I love the holo shimmer!
    I have something called Dry Kwik by Sally Hansen (I believe) and I HATE it. Not only did it leave creases, but it made my nails so oily that they actually wouldn't dry, and bits of polish came off the tips even 20 mins later! You're not alone girl :p


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