Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Halloween Challenge Day 2 - Sugar Coma

Yeah!  We made it day 2 which I have had planned since I created this thing.
My favorite candy is pretty much anything sour, but I chose Sour Skittles as my inspiration.
pinky: CG Papaya Punch with Sinful Suede Shoes
ring: Zoya Pippa with Sinful Suede Shoes
middle: CG Sour Apple
pointer: Color Club Lavendarling with pop Aquatic Glitz
thumb: OPI Big Apple Red with Sinful Pinky Glitter

I hope you all like it, because eventhough it was super simple, this is one of my fave manis I've done.  Oh the white S was done with a nail art pen in case you wanted to know.


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