Sunday, March 2, 2014

Color Club Beyond

I can't believe I haven't blogged this polish before (at least I don't remember doing it) because I've had it for so long.  This is the first Color Club holo I bought but I've shown the other two and not this one.  I've worn it a hundred or so times but never thought to take a picture I guess.
Color Club Beyond is so appropriately named because the black base is super dark but the holo effect looks like far away galaxies.  This polish could be a one-coater if you really wanted it to be but I used two thinner coats for this swatch.  I mean there isn't much else to say about it because I know the photos speak for themselves.  I mean, the holo is to die for and who doesn't love a classic black nail?

I promise I'll post some nail art soon.  I have been trying to get inspired to do something fun, but what?  I think I'm gonna be copy-catting Pinterest manis and trying out tutorials until I can come up with something of my own.  


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