Sunday, March 9, 2014

Zoya Stevie Skittlette

Hey Everyone!  How is your morning going?  I hope you all didn't forget to turn your clocks forward one hour?  I have all mine set to do it automatically so I hope they did or else I'll be in trouble tomorrow when I show up to work an hour late.  lol

Anyway I am so proud of myself because I was able to get so much done yesterday around my apartment and I still had time to go out and run and do a fun skittlette mani for you all.  In case you are all wondering what a skittlette manicure is exactly, I found this definition from So Nailicious.

skit·tle·tte: Not quite a full skittles look, a skittlette manicure is one with at least two different accent nails.  Pick any formation you wish, but for a true skittlette at least two nails need to be the same (the others can all be different) OR two pairs of identical nails and a different nail.

I even had to ask some friends of mine if this mani was a true skittlette.  lol
The base color I chose is two coats of Zoya Stevie.  I just received it in a swap and I love it.  I was going to post just the swatch for you today but I couldn't wait to show you the nail art so I'll save it for another day.  For the nail art I just used Sinful Color Black and Black and Zoya Purity.  For the feather and stripes I just used a striping brush and dipped it straight into the bottles and for the dots, obviously, a dotting too.  This was a super fun and easy mani.  The hard part was really just letting it dry.

I hope you all enjoyed this.  It seems like my friends really love it so get to commenting and tell me what you think!  (:

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  1. The different patters are all great and they work well together.


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