Friday, June 17, 2011

Sponged mani and My First Acrylic Trial

Hello All!

I just wanted to post some quick pics of a sponged manicure I did for a friend.  She even asked me to try and do acrylic nails on her and somehow I managed to successfully do them, and I gotta say...they look pretty good.  I'm not too keen on the fake nail thing but I did practice on my own pointer finger first and it came out great also.  I will post some pics tomorrow of mine and of my polish haul from today.  I had to go to the ghetto for these LOL!  No, but really.  I did.  So stay tuned!  Night fellow polishers!

The lighting is terrible but we just finished them and it's dark out.

Beauty Secrets Acrylic Nail Kit
F21 Love and Beauty Light Purple - 2 coats
F21 Love and Beauty Gold - sponged to the middle
Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter -  sponged on the tip
SV top coat

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