Monday, October 3, 2011

Sula Azure

Hey Blog Buddies!

So my NOTD is Azure by Sula.  I found this pretty little lady at Ulta and after passing it up at least 5 times, I finally decided to buy it.  The cool part is that it's a "paint and peel" polish.  It isn't meant to last for a week.  It was meant for people who love polish but hate the removal.  Otherwise called "too tired to try" like me. (:

The shade is a dusty teal that applies like a jelly and the reason for that is that it's water based.  That is what makes it so easy to peel off.  The downside is that it's very sensitive to hot water.  You have to be very cautious of what you do with your nails after you take a shower, do dishes, etc.

All the Sula polishes come with a Lasting Love top coat that you can reapply daily until you are ready to peel it all off.

I have to say, I have worn this polish 3 times already, and I love it.  The formula is really great and I love the finish.  And just as it's made to do, I love the fact that it just peels right off.  I don't even have to touch a bottle of remover or a cotton ball.  Now I can't wait to purchase more colors.

Do you own and Sula polishes?  What do you think of the "Paint and Peel" fad? 

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