Friday, April 20, 2012

Nicole by OPI Too Rich For You with L.A.Colors Treasure Island

This is such a late post, but work it kicking my ass.  I'm so tired.  *yawns* Ok so let's get on with what really matters: POLISH!  I swatched this one so long ago and basically forgot about it.  I've had it forever and I wear it all the time and I'll show you why.
Nicole by OPI Too Rich For You is one of my favorite polishes.  First of all, I love any polish that is "almost black".  IRL it doesn't look this colorful.  Second of all...well, I guess there isn't anything else.  It's just beautiful.  It is a sparkly, dark teal gem that really glows from within.  If I remember correctly, this was 3 coats, but it builds up nicely.  You may be able to get away with 2.

I also wanted to see a nice glitter over this so I layered on 2 coats of L.A.Colors Treasure Island.
This looks like a really great start to a Galaxy Mani.  Don't you think?  I've only done it once, but I may have to use these to do it again.  I Treasure Island at Dollar Tree just to see how good it was, but I didn't expect such a gorgeous color from the looks of the bottle.  The bottle looks like one solid color of glitter, but as you can see, there are at least two: turquoise and green.  There may even be some blue.

Ugh all that glitter makes me want to die!  I will for sure be using this again...and again, and again.  LOL!  So again, sorry this is late.  I have to post on my other blog now.  SO TIRED and then work at 9am! ):


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    1. thanks! don't you just love that la color? like i said, i didn't think it would be that awesome.


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