Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Water Marble Wednesday - Spring Colors

YEAH!!  I'm so happy Water Marble Wednesday is back.  I loved doing the Girly Girl Challenge, but I was jonesin' to get back to water marbling.  Also, I wanted to welcome Ashley from Smashley Sparkles.  She will be joining me on Wednesdays and she came up with today's theme...Spring Colors!

I definitely wanted to use shimmers, pastel colors, and glitter...oh glitter.  Bad idea.

There it is!  After I added the glitter, I immediately wanted to take it off.  I think it really takes away from the water marble which is such a shame, because it's so pretty.  Anyway, I used a spiral design in the water because I have never successfully done it before, but it worked out perfectly on my first try.  I tried to get a different part of the spiral on each of my fingers so if you enlarge the photos, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Sinful Colors Firefly - base coat
Sinful Colors Firefly
Sinful Colors Cinderella
Jesse's Girl JulieG Cupcake Frosting
Ulta Starstruck - glitter top coat

Let me know what you think?  If you want to join us next Wednesday, go right ahead.  I love seeing everyone's marbling.  Mainly because I'm jealous of how they turn out.  lol.


  1. I tried to do a swirl pattern too! It was somewhat of a fail... getting ready to take pics and do my post now.

    Also, I almost threw some glitter on there too, but resisted the urge haha.

    1. ugh and i wish i did resist. this one came out soooo good for once.

  2. Cute marbling! Love the glitter.

    1. i like the glitter too i just wish i had put on less or used one that wasn't so "saturated". i wasn't thinking.

  3. That looks awesome!!! I have never attempted a water marble, they scare me!


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