Monday, April 2, 2012

Zoya Savita

I friggin' love this polish, but it looks so sad on my nails.  I'll show you why...

LOOK AT MY POOR MIDDLE FINGER NAIL...WAAHH!  It broke on the way home from my 6th, yeah count it, 6th interview.  I think I got the job finally.
I am total sucker for matte polish ♥.  And even though I own a matte top coat, Zoya velvets have the greatest finish and texture.  Ugh!  I'm dying just looking at it.  I also want to add that I think Zoya makes the best purples!     The ones I have are 1 coaters, but I always do 2 just for kicks.

Enjoy the rest of your night!


  1. That looks like a great color :) Love it!

  2. Replies
    1. i know. i couldn't live any longer without it in my life. ashley from smashley sparkles told me they are discontinuing them so you better pick it up.

  3. Woww I love this color!!! And I love the finish too, it does look velvety! Congrats on your interview, hope you got the job, but sorry about the nail break, they're so frustrating!


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