Sunday, April 8, 2012

Del Sol Spike = FAIL

Happy Easter!

I hope today went well for everyone.  I didn't get to do a super fun mani or anything like that so I was just going to show off my color changing mani instead.  It was a total fail.  I'm not sure why because it's worked all the times I've used it before.
As most of you probably know, Del Sol sells polish that changes color in the sun.  This is my one and only.  My sis gave it to me a few years back and I love it.  It's a pearly mint color with a wonderful formula.  After I applied my 2 coats and they were completely dry, I went out side and had my camera ready for magic. 
Ummmm...magic?  Where are you?
As you can see, the color in the sun is supposed to be a pearly bright pink color and it totally used to be.  What I ended up with this time was a silvery, grey with a touch of green.  Where did my pink go?  THIS is what I was really hoping for.

So happy Easter anyway. ):

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