Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nail Rock Velvet Nails Burgundy

I know you all have seen the caviar bead manis a few times from me, but I never managed to get into the velvet nails...until now.  I finally caved and bought a velvet nail kit from Nail Rock.  I found the brand at Walmart but I'm not sure if it can be found at any other retailers.
The color is burgundy, I swear.  The photos came out much brighter than the actual color.  As far as application, I have to say these were a nightmare.  lol The velvet was EVERYWHERE!  I mean you can just look at the photos and see fibers all over my skin.  The velvet comes in a little pot so I tried a few different techniques to get it on the actual nail.  I dipped my nail into the pot and that was not good.  I put some on a piece of paper and dumped it on the wet nail, but it didn't cover everything.  What I thought worked best was just dipping my finger in the pot (the velvet fibers stick to your fingers) and gently dabbing the velvet onto the wet/slightly tacky nail.

So will I ever use this product again?  Probably not unless someone can tell me a way to NOT make a mess.  lol  The kit was very affordable at just $6.00.  For that price I don't feel like I have to use it again but I can at the very least wear the nail polish again.  Have you all ever used this brand before and created your own velvet mani?  Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I like how this looks, but I am a fan of fuzzy nails....mess and all. :)

    1. if there is a better way, i would love to hear it. i def liked the effect, just not the process.


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