Saturday, June 9, 2012

NYC Purple Pizzazz

Afternoon! (in my best British accent)

So I am part of this "Adopt a Friend" polish swap group on FB that is hosted by Creative Nail Fun aka Ashley Pashley.  Every month she pairs us up with another beauty/polish lover, and we have to send them a small gift and a nice note with different things about us, like "What's your favorite polish brand and color?" and "What's one interesting/weird fact about you?" and so on.  The month of May was the first month, and I was paired up with a lovely girl, Cherish, from my home state of Tex-ass!  We exchanged info and then swapped some super fun packages.  This is one polish that Cherish sent me.

The first one that I was super excited to try was Purple Pizzazz Frost, and so I did.
It's not a frosty as I thought it would be which is a good thing.  I hate those super pearly, frosted-to-the-extreme finishes.  I love a lot of things about this polish.  First, it's a red-toned purple with a blue flash.  Awesome!  Then, this is a photo after wearing it for 2 days, showering, washing dishes, cleaning house, etc.  There are no chips yet.  I mean it does say "Long Wearing" so we'll see.  The formula was really nice too, aside from the few bubbles I got.  There was no streaking or dragging.  All 3 coats were just super easy to apply. I could have used 2 if I had been more careful I think.  I just don't paint very well with my right hand (I'm a lefty).

I know that Ashley Pashley has already posted the "Adopt a Friend" pair ups for the month of June, but if you want to participate next month, you can follow her FB HERE, and just watch out for the July announcement.  You can even skip months and request a non-international "Friend" if it's not in your budget.

Have a super great Saturday and I look forward to reading your lovely comments. (:


  1. Nice package!!
    And I really like Purple Pizzazz Frost, but it made me very hungry now... LOL

  2. Sooooo cool. I am totally going to do this. Thanks for the tip. :)

    1. awesome! maybe we'll get paired up one day. (:

  3. thats a lovely color... do swatches of lavender soon, its looks gorgeous....
    you really did get some gorgeous stuff!!

    1. i'll try to do the lavender next. i've been wearing a lot of purple so this is a definite possibility.


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