Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge Day 1 - Grill Master

Welcome to Day 1 of the Summer Fun Challenge once again created and hosted by the lovely Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog.  This girl comes up with the funnest stuff.  If you recall, she was the creator and host of the Girly Girl Challenge that I participated in back in March.  It was my first challenge and I'm so happy she came up with this one because it was a no-brainer me.  I was in as soon as she announced it.  So let's get on with it.
Day 1 is Grill Master.  Fire up those nails with grilled inspiration.  Try smoke, food, or grill marks!

Well I definitely wanted to try food.  As soon as I read Grill Master, I thought HOT DOGS!

LOL I freaking love this.  So my ring finger and middle finger are hot dogs because I thought doing every finger may have been overkill.  But what is this blobby, checkerboard on the rest of my fingers, you ask?  IT'S GINGHAM!  Hot dogs make me think picnic and this is the Summer Fun Challenge after all.  It was so difficult to do the gingham and as you can see, right when I picked up my camera, I dinged my pinky pretty bad.  I would have fixed it, but I am just too tired so there's a blooper for you. (:  Next I'll tell you what I used, but be prepared.  It's a lot and I had to do some mixing.

hot dog bun - Zoya Avery and OPI You Don't Know Jacques! mixed 2:1
hot dogs - Zoya Codie, Zoya Avery, and Kiss Nail Art Red mixed 1:1:2
ketchup - Kiss Nail Art Red
mustard - Zoya Pippa and China Glaze Trendsetter mixed 1:1
relish - American Apparel Army Jacket and China Glaze Paper Chasing mixed 2:1

Sally Hansen White Tip - base color
Sinful Colors Soul Mate - gingham stripes
Sinful Colors Soul Mate and Kiss Nail Art Red mixed 2:1 - checks on gingham

Whew!  That was a lot, but I wanted to you all to know exactly what I did in case you want to replicate it, and also if you're like me and don't have all the right colors.  I wanted it to be super accurate.  So anyway, I know these are the best looking hot dogs, but I'm not the best a free-hand and I really tried.  I think that counts for something. (:

Have a great night!


  1. Love this, the picnic blanket pattern is so cute =]!

    1. lol i'm glad you like it. i just think it's so funny that i'm wearing hot dogs on my nails.

  2. I hate it hen I ding my hand before pics. :( I love the gingham print. Whole thing came out awesome.

    1. well thanks. i lived with that ding for 3 days.

  3. I love it! I always do stuff like that! On one picture my pinky was completely ruined, so to cover it up I put my thumb in front of it. Such awkward pics! It looks great even with the ding

    1. sounds like something i would do. lol but thanks!

  4. I love the gingham. It came out so cute!

    1. the more i look at it, the more i like it. i really want to perfect it now so i can use it again.


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