Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge Day 2 - Summer Lovin'

Hey Everyone!  I know this is super late, but I was fighting with my polish.  I'll explain.
Day 2 is Summer Lovin'.  We're having a blast and it happened so off your lovey-dovey design.  Well I'll tell ya what happened polish drying too quickly in the water.  My initial idea was to use neons and create this awesome Lisa Frank style water marble in a heart pattern, but NOOOOO!  Not happening.  I mean the marble happened, just not the way I wanted.

Eventhough this wasn't my idea for Summer Lovin', I am lovin' it.  I think I chose a super awesome color combo.  I think the pastels are sweet and make me feel like I want to cuddle up with the bf.  So that's what I'm gonna go do.

Sinful Colors Cinderella - 1 coat for base
Sinful Colors Cinderella
Sinful Colors Luminary
China Glaze Lighthouse

That's pretty much it.  lol I hope you all love it too.



  1. Water marbles are my nemesis.

    1. sometimes they are mine too. w/ these colors it was easy, but i really wanted neons. ):


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