Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maybelline Color Show Green With Envy

Happy Sunday all!

I'm sure I've mentioned at some point in my blog's life that I was always looking for the perfect mint green polish.  I've been recommended different brands, but I was completely unsatisfied with them all.  They just weren't the right shade.  I wanted a mint green that was a little more green than the others I've tried that had a slight hint of blue.  Then one day, I'm at CVS and I spotted this one. 
I know it's nothing crazy beautiful or some awesome high end brand, but it's the best mint for me.  I love the formula too eventhough I'm not crazy about cremes.  I used 2 easy coats for full opacity, and it's self-leveling.  The only thing I wish it had was a better canvas.  My nails were not in the best shape when I tried this, but whatever.  They'll get better.



  1. I bought a bottle of Green With Envy a couple weeks ago & I really like it! :) It was between it and Sally Hansen's similar color (I'm really into mint green right now, lol). I went with Maybelline because I like their formula and it's like $3 a bottle. For some reason, most of my SH polish gets thick & goopy after a couple uses. Anyone else have that issue?


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