Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pure Ice Pardon My French (pic heavy)

OMG!  I feel like I have been gone for so long.  I had so much to do since the weekend, and it's only Wednesday.  Let's see.  What's new with me?  I dyed my hair on Sunday so no more blinding, fiery red.  Now it's a plum kind of color.  It was an accidental blessing for sure.  Monday I went to see Marina and the Diamonds for the third time, but it just gets better and better each time.  If you are into "electro-pop," you need to see her.  She's my fave and amazing!  I even have a tattoo for her.  Yesterday, I went to my Paw Paw's house to decorate for Christmas.  He hasn't decorated in 8 years since his wife died, so I was so happy that I could do this for him, and then we had a lovely dinner of salad and frozen pizza.  lol.  Today I had to do last minute Christmas shopping, and now I am all yours.  Well my nails are anyway.

I knew that whatever I had for you today had to be good since I've been MIA, so I came up with Pure Ice Pardon My French. 

So after rifling through the 50+ photos of this beauty, I settled on these three.  I think they show off how amazing it is the best.  Pardon My French is a black base with rose gold glitter in two different sizes: tiny and hex.  The glitter is saturated throughout that I didn't have to fish anything out of the bottle and it covered in 2 coats.  The formula is a little on the thick side but completely manageable.  I am so happy I didn't pass this up.  I told myself at Walmart to just put it back, but I knew I didn't have anything like it, AND it was the very last bottle.  No mistakes made here!  So then I decided to just play around with stamping and go crazy so here ya go.

Here is just used Wet 'n' Wild French White Creme and my Konad m13 plate to stamp (very crooked but) adorable little skulls on each nail.

Holy Cow!  Yeah!  Here I used my brand spankin' new Urban Outfitters Silver Holo and Bundle Monster plate bm11.  I mean enough said, right?!  I know that it's crooked and a little sloppy since I was just having fun, but man.  That holo is blinding and AMAZING!

Oh and I'll leave you with a video of Marina and the Diamonds.  Why?  Just for the hell of it, and because I'm still in the "after glow" from Monday's show.  lol
I want you all to have a great night and sleep well!


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