Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deep V w/ Butterflies

Tonight's post is just a quick one.  I just got back from the gym and had to take a shower and make dinner.  Now I'm sleepy.  (:
This is my deep v mani that is loosely inspired by Lana Del Rey.  You know how she always wears red polish.  So yeah, I thought it would be super pretty if I added a stamp on my bare nail first.  This is the butterfly stamp that I use a lot from my Bundle Monster plates.  Honestly I'm super sore and too lazy to get up and find the plate (I have a lot) so I'll have to add in an edit later.  lol Sorry! (:
BB Couture Dark Knight - butterfly stamp
Zoya Posh (oh yes!  I got it) - red
BTW Zoya Posh is a matte polish if you didn't know.  I just added a top coat because the mani wasn't pretty  unless it was glossy.  I'll have a swatch for you sometime soon I hope.  (:


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