Sunday, March 31, 2013

Color Club Blossoming Collection

Happy Easter!  I hope you all had a great day.  I wish I had a reason to do Easter egg decorating and hunts, but I don't.  I don't have kids or younger siblings and my 7 year old niece lives far away.  ): Anyway, whatever you did today, I hope it was enjoyable.

I wanted to do some nail art today but I am so exhausted from waking up at 5 am that I just decided to show you one of my fave collections - Color Club Blossoming.  I have been using these polishes so much lately so just to get it out of my system I'll just show you all of them together.  This is from last Spring by the way...don't judge. (:
From L to R: Lavendarling, Sweet Pea, Hydrangea Kiss, Blue-ming, Blushing Rose, Diamond Drops
First up is Lavendarling.  This is one of my favorite shades of purple and this particular one is flawless.  I used 3 coats and it's self leveling.  It reminds me a lot of a china glaze color that I'm not sure of what the name is...Grape Fizz?  Grape Pop?  Maybe Gothic Lolita?
Sweet Pea is my least favorite of the collection but not for the formula or application.  This rosy, purple-y color is just not one of my favorites.  It's not that it looks bad, it's just blah to me.  This is 2 coats. 
Now that I showed you my least favorite, I can show you my absolute favorite of the collection.  This is 3 coats of Hydrangea Kiss and I love it.  It's a dusty periwinkle blue (I couldn't get the color dead on) and I wear this one more often than all the others.
Ok so this one bugs me a bit.  It's called Blue-ming but it clearly leans more minty and on the green side.  If it leaned more blue and looked a bit like Tiffany's signature color, then I'd be happier with it.  Everytime someone asks me the name of it, I feel like I'm deceiving them.  lol Is that weird?  Anyway this is 3 coats.  This was the only one that was a little patchy and needed more "care".
Here we have Blushing Rose - a soft powder pink creme.  The formula on this one was a little thinner then the others but builds up easily.  This is 3 coats.  I'm not a pink girl but I like this one a lot.
And finally the "odd-ball" of the collection - Diamond Drops.  It is a clear base packed with silver holo shredded glitter.  It takes a little fishing to get the bigger chunks out but they brush on easily and lay nicely on the nail.  I used 2 coats for these swatches and I only had to place a few of the chunks.  
So I called this one an odd-ball because I feel like this collection is so soft and pretty with the pastel shades and delicate, floral names, and then here comes this harsh shredded glitter to top it off.  Yes they work well together, but I don't think it should have been a part of this collection.  Maybe it should have been a pretty colored micro-glitter or a multi-colored bar glittter.  idk Those are just my thoughts.  I still would have bought Diamond Drops and probably worn them together anyway.

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