Sunday, June 2, 2013

imPRESS Press-On Nails Review - Final Recap

**I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster**

Did you all think I forgot about these?  lol Of course I didn't.  I have been itching to get them off for a week so I can do another mani.  As a blogger, I feel like these aren't practical because I'm used to changing my mani everyday or every other day.  I'm finally relieved to remove them.
Just to recap, this is day 1 for the press-ons.  I had just put them on and I was already regretting it because the design is definitely not me.  I even had co-workers comment on why I had zebra print on my nails.  They know I don't do zebra.  lol.  To get caught up, HERE is the link to my day 1 review.
Here we have day 3 and already there was so much tip wear (my thumb was horrible) that I felt like removing them.  To read day 3's review, click HERE.  I explained how I would apply a top coat on a couple of my nails to see if that helped with wear and tear.

Day 4, I ended up loosing a nail on my right hand so I just took them off.  I left all press-ons on my left hand so that I could continue with the review.  I also applied a top coat to my middle and ring fingers on this hand.  Did it help?  Yes actually.  I had more tip wear on my pinky and pointer than the others.  I would definitely suggest using this method if you use these.

Day 5 and 6, they looked the same (so no need for photos) however they were starting to lift at the sides.  This was an indication that I should remove them or they would pop off soon.
Well, whataya know?  My pinky popped off just yesterday.  This makes it 6 days for the wear time.  I think that is great considering I'm very rough on my hands at work and with all the handwashing and showers I took, I honestly thought they would all come off sooner.  They are advertised as lasting up to a week so there is a plus.

I decided to go ahead and remove them all.  The instructions say to apply acetone or alcohol around the press-on and then lift them off.  That's not exactly what happened.  Since they were lifting on the edges, I flooded my cuticles with polish remover and let it soak for about 30 seconds.  Then I got a cuticle pusher, wedged under a lifted edge, and started removing the nails.  Some came off with ease and others I had literally rip off.  It's not painful but it did damage my natural nails.  I'm assuming that's because they weren't quite ready to come off.  Maybe I could have worn them for another day or 2.  
As you can see, my pointer and pinky are fine, but my ring and middle nails have a feathering effect to them.  This is shreds of my nail that were torn up with the adhesive.  I'm not happy about it at all, but I did give myself a nice mani and applied lots of cuticle oil and a restorative top coat.  Hopefully they will grow out quickly so I can have healthy nails again.

Review Wrap-Up - Final
Price: $ - $5.99-$7.99 depending on where you purchase them but now I'm not so sure that's worth it.
Variety: As far as I've seen, there are a lot of different designs and even solid colors.  For those that may be hesitant about trying DIY nail art, these are great.  You can view a gallery of other designs HERE.
Application:  super easy; only a few minor issues with the protective plastic backing.
Quality: Feedback from readers and nail lovers suggest they look cheap.  I had a lot of tip wear on all nails, especially my frequently used fingers - pointer and thumb.
Wear:  They did stay on for nearly the entire week as advertised with a couple of casualties.  Those could have easily been glued back on or replaced with any of the extra nails in the set.

Removal: easy if the nails are ready.  the ones that were really stuck on there didn't want to come off.  There was some "damage" to my natural nails since I had to rip those off.
Would I Purchase Again: definitely not.  If I had purchased these this time, I would be pretty upset.  I think they are more trouble than they are worth.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this ordeal.  lol I mean it wasn't that bad, but it was.  /:  I have so many fun manis and some swatches coming up so I hope you stick with me.  


  1. It was interesting to read your review of this! I was always curious! Thanks for the info!!

    1. I hope it was helpful. I was definitely honest about everything so as not to lead anyone astray.


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