Sunday, June 2, 2013

China Glaze Blue Sparrow and Nail Foils

Yes I'm double posting today.  lol I just did not want my only post today to be a somewhat negative review. That doesn't make for a Sunday Funday does it?  I wanted to do something super bright and fun just because.  I also haven't used this polish yet.  Well sort of.  Funny story...I know I've told you all differently but this is actually my first China Glaze polish ever (I said it was In the Lime Light), but I didn't like it once it was on the nail wheel so I took it back for an exchange.  Now here I am 2 years later searching everywhere for it.  I'm so glad I found it.
Here I have 3 coats of China Glaze Blue Sparrow which is a definite neon so it dried matte.  I'm not a big fan of blue but this is super pretty.  It's actually darker IRL so it's like a cobalt blue with neon blue micro glitter.  There also is no visible nail line IRL either.  The flash just shows it all.  
I added my essence Gel-look topcoat to really bring out the sparkle.  I noticed that each coat of Blue Sparrow dries super quick, but you should still wait a minute between coats because I did get some dragging and bald spots on my second coat.  I know this used to be part of China Glaze's core line but then I found it on clearance at Sally's for $2.99 so it may not be anymore.  
Anyway, I have been wanting to use my nail foils again from Dollar Nail Art.  I think I bought 6 or 7 of them.  They are super cool.  I did a tutorial awhile back which you can view HERE on how to apply them.  They have over 100 different designs and each one is $1.00 just like everything on their site.
This is my favorite photo btw.  Anyway,  I decided to apply the glue in random spots over my dry polish.  After it dried I just started sticking the foils on in random spots until all the glue was covered.  The designs I used are called Leopard, Ocean Mist, and Laser Optics.
You have to be careful about what top coat you apply because it can mess with the foils and wrinkle them up.  I noticed that the Laser Optics (purple) and the Leopard foils didn't react at all to the top coat, but the Ocean Mist wrinkled up.  The site says these wrinkles will smooth out but that's not the case.  It says not to use a quick dry (like Seche Vite) or super shine top coat directly over the foils so I used a gel top coat and then Seche Vite.  I really think it's just the one foil (Ocean Mist) that is reacting weirdly because I've never had an issue with this top coat combo over foils before.
I am super duper in love with this mani.  It was so easy and since I did random spots, each nail is different than the next.  I think on my other hand I'm going to try and do a pattern with using the same polish and foils.  I'll let you know how it goes.  (:


  1. Awww...this is so pretty. Love the color and the design. You def made the right choice of nail color. Love it!


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