Monday, June 10, 2013

A Girl Obsessed w/ Glitter and Gradients

Hi Everyone!  Did you all enjoy your Monday?  I actually had a pretty good day considering I was completely bogged down with a huge project at work.  I also had to go in at 6am...ugh!  So you can only imagine how tired I am.  Aside from that though, I am really excited to show you this mani.  I feel like it's super fun and flirty and has a lot of my favorite things in nail art.
Here I have my glitter, gradient, stamping, star mani...all of my favorite things.  lol  I started with a base color of pastel yellow and then used a shimmery coral color to gradient my pinky, ring, and thumb fingers.  On my middle and pointer fingers I used 4 different polishes to stamp random stars which I thought was gonna look bad but actually turned out pretty cute.
The glitter topper is the main reason I'm so in love with this mani.  It is A Girl Obsessed Fruity Pebbles.  I'm not sure if you all heard about it maybe a month or two ago but she, the maker, wasn't happy with how the polish turned out because the glitter she bought was starting to break down in the base.  She had already mixed so many bottles and decided to sell them on HER ETSY SHOP as a Limited Edition polish.  I tried so hard to get my hands on a bottle and I just didn't make it in time.  They were sold out in seconds.
Well I just received a swap from an amazing lady and nail polish enthusiast, Jen from Jen's Nail Files and she included this in it eventhough I didn't ask for it.  I am so thankful because in the week I've had it, I've already worn it twice on two different manis.  lol I just love rainbow glitter.  I'll definitely do a proper swatch/review post on this polish in the near future but I couldn't go another day without showing you all this mani.

Sinful Colors Unicorn - yellow
Sinful Colors Luminary - coral
A Girl Obsessed Fruity Pebbles - glitter
Bundle Monster plate bm-206

So that's all for this night!  Have a good one! (:

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