Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Water Marble Wednesday - Purple and White w/ Stamping

Hey everyone, 

Welcome to the a super fun Wednesday...why is it super fun?  It's my comeback to Water Marble Wednesday.  I originally stopped doing it because it was getting so close to the hectic holidays and then I didn't have any ideas so I just stopped.  I actually do have a lot of ideas running through my mind now so I'm hoping I can keep it up every Wednesday.
I ultimately wanted to do every nail, but the white polish wasn't wanting to cooperate so I just marbled my pinky, ring, and thumb fingers.  This way the other two could be accent nails.
I started with one coat of the purple on all nails and then I used both the purple and white for the marble design.  I did like a chevron/zig zag design in the water and then I added the dots to spice it up a bit.  For the stamped nails, I used two coats of the purple and then stamped the same design on each nail overlapping.  And that's it.  It was super quick and easy and I think it came out great for the fact I haven't done a water marble in a while.  I did get some air bubbles, but the black dots covered it up.
Color Club Lavendarling - purple
Sally Hansen White Tip - white
BBCouture Dark Knight - black
Bundle Monster plate bm06

There you have it!  If there are any color/polish combos you'd like to see in the upcoming weeks, let me know in the comments below.  (:


  1. That's so cool to see water marbling mixed with other techniques!

    1. thanks. i think it was more that i was too lazy to do all my nails marbled but also i think it's nice to mix it up. it's like the beauty version of mixing prints which i LOVE to do. (:


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