Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kiss Gel Dress Sugar & Spice

Good Evening.

I hope everyone is staying warm and dry with all this crazy weather right now.  I know when I left for work at 7am this morning it was about 37 degrees and then later on it started raining and sleeting.  Everything was freezing over.  It was cool because I didn't have to drive in it.  I just hope those that did made it home safely.

Now onto the fun stuff.  I was at Walgreen's this past weekend and I found these Kiss nail strips that are different than their normal ones.  They are made of a gel polish solution which means they are supposed to last longer.  Also if you have an LED lamp for gel manicures (I do not) you can cure them to last longer.  I just have to do the regular application.
This is what they look like outside of the package.  It not only comes with all of the full size nail strips but also french tips.  That's part of the reason why I bought them.  I thought that was really cool to add that.  The other reason is the floral print.  I can't stay away from floral anything.  I just love it.
So usually when I use nail strips I only do accent nails and not full manicures with them which it what I did here.  I used three coats of Sephora by OPI Mermaid to Order on my pinky, pointer, and thumb.  On my middle and ring fingers I used the Kiss Gel Dress strips.  I didn't apply any base coat.  I just made sure my nails were well prepped by wiping them down with Zoya Remove+ and then I applied them like you would any other.  I wanted to try out the french tips but I think I'll save those for another mani.

So far these have stayed on all day without peeling up on the edges.  I did apply a top coat to them so I'm guessing that's helping a bit, but the package says they last up to a week without using the LED lamp so I guess I will keep you all updated on how they wear.  I might not do a full post on it, but I can add an update to this post and post it to my Facebook page as well.

Have a great night and keep warm!  ♥

UPDATE 1.29.14 : So these only ended up lasting one full day and then half a day.  Keep in mind I work in retail and I am constantly using my hands for typing, unpacking boxes, moving merchandise, etc. so the fact that they lasted a full day without lifting or peeling is great and then another half day.  Pretty good in my opinion.

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