Sunday, January 19, 2014

Zoya Stacy

Today I have another one of those long awaited swatches that was delayed by Google+ auto-enhance.  It was showing more of a bright berry color rather than a darker, richer color.
This is only two coats of Zoya Stacy, which is my very first Zoya by the way.  I know it's a bit patchy and that's just because I didn't use three coats.  The application takes a bit of practice because it does apply a bit uneven and doesn't always self-level, but it is still one of my favorite Zoyas.  Each coat dries quickly which makes it such an easy color to slap on, walk out the door, and still have great nails with very little effort.  I'm all about things being easy.  I was hoping to post this during Fall since this was the color of the season but, ya know, Google+...  lol

Hope you enjoyed this.  I'm still sticking to my resolution and trying to blog my unswatched polishes.  Let me know if you are with me on this.  If not, what's your new year's blog resolution?  Have you stuck with it?!


  1. I've actually been blogging my unswatched polishes as well! I love this color :)

    1. yeah i try to do it every year and fail miserably. lol but not this time. i will follow through.


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