Monday, February 24, 2014

Superficially Colorful Thermal Polish, Take 2

I am super excited for this post because I was not only lucky enough to get one surprise package from Jin of Superficially Colorful, but TWO!  She surprised me with four more of her amazing thermal polishes.  You can see the first set HERE.
First is Serene.  This is such a gorgeous color when it's cool and very, well...serene.  lol  It is a bright baby blue color with a little bit of shimmer.
This is Serene after it is warmed up.  It lightens up to a powder blue which is also gorgeous.  It's maybe not the best on my skin tone but I still love it.
Provocative is a darker red-toned purple and dries super quick.  It's also a one-coater if you are careful with your application.
This one also lightens up a bit under warm water to show off a beautiful red-violet color.
For someone that absolutely hates pink, I sure do love pink polish and this one is no stranger to the bunch.  Exalted is a super fun bubblegum pink with a bit of silver shimmer.
Just like Serene, Exalted lightens up to a powder pink (almost white) which is also not great on my skin tone but oh so fun.  I can't bear to NOT wear it.
Enthralled is a really pretty Coca-cola reddish-brown color.  It has some golden shimmer in it which is nice when the lights hits just right.
So I'm not sure if it's because I only used one coat for this swatch or if my camera is playing tricks but I've seen Enthralled a lot more red when it is warm.  HERE is a really great swatch from Smashley Sparkles where her's is more red.

I hope this post was as enjoyable as the last.  Now that I have eight of these thermals from Superficially Colorful I can't even pick a favorite.  What's yours?  Let me know in the comments below. (:

UPDATE:  If you are interested in purchasing any of Jin's amazing polishes, her shop will launch on March 3, 2014.  I'm not sure if the thermals will be available at first but she does make some other gorgeous one's to choose from.

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