Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Grungy Valentine

I figured since I haven't done any Valentine's manis yet and Valentine's Day is Friday, I should probably get on the ball.  Honestly I hate Valentine's Day and the whole hype around it.  It's not because I'm single or bitter about the so-called holiday.  As I got older I just didn't like it anymore.  This makes it really easy on the boyfriend though because he doesn't have to get me anything.  lol
Since I'm not that into it, I figured doing a grungy looking mani using Valentine's appropriate colors would be a fun alternative for me.  I started by prepping my nails with one coat of Color Club Blushing Rose which is a super light baby pink creme.  Then I used the dry brushstroke technique to apply the other colors.  If you aren't familiar with this technique, basically apply the polish using the brush from the polish bottle but with almost all of the polish wiped off.  This is what creates the effect you see.  If you are looking for a great tutorial, here is one from Sarah of Chalkboard Nails.  The other colors I used were a lavender purple, Zoya Malia, and an orchid, Color Club Sweet Pea.  When it was all dry I used Sinful Black on Black to do the grungy black brushstrokes.

I hope you all enjoy this mani.  I do because I know I can wear it for more than just Valentine's Day and it's so easy to accomplish.  I think I might be able to bust out some more love-y dove-y manis before Friday so make sure you check back.  (:


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