Sunday, February 9, 2014

Circle Gradient Tutorial

So I had a really great response to the Metallic Circle Gradient mani I did a few days ago and I was asked to do a tutorial for it.  I was hesitant at first because I've never done one, but after a few video fails I decided to go with a photo tutorial.  Feel free to share the photo on Pinterest or Facebook, wherever you want.  I did it all for you!  ♥
The reason I call it a circle gradient is because when the three primary colors I used blend together, it looks like a color wheel in my opinion.  If you look closely, or if you try this yourself, you will be able to see the secondary colors (green, purple, and orange) show up and even more so after a nice top coat.  Let's get started!

Choose a yellow.  I chose Kleancolor Metallic Yellow.
Choose a pink (or red if you like).  I chose Kleancolor Metallic Pink.
Choose a blue.  I chose Kleancolor Metallic Jungle.
Grab a triangle sponge.  You may want to cut it in half so you don't waste the whole thing.
Grab some tape to make clean up a breeze.  You can use any tape you like but I like clear Scotch tape.
Prep your nail with one coat of your yellow polish.  You can sponge over your bare nail, but the yellow makes the colors really pop and you can use less product.
Use your tape to cover the exposed skin around your nail.  This will keep the polish off your skin.
Paint all three colors, slightly overlapping, onto the sponge.  You can put them in any order you like.  A little trick I use is to lightly dampen the sponge before adding the polish.  Since it's already wet it won't soak up as much polish thus saving you product.
Dab the sponge on your dry nail and push down gently to help the colors blend better.  Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you are happy with the color saturation.
STEP 10: (not shown)
While the polish still a little wet, apply your top coat and then carefully remove the tape.  If any polish did seep through and get on your skin, clean it up with a cotton swab or clean up brush and some acetone.  And there you have it.  Your very own color wheel at your fingertips...literally.  At this point you can add some glitter or stamp a pretty design over it or you can just leave it as is.  I think it will be gorgeous anyway.  (:

I hope this was super helpful and that you all enjoy recreating this mani.  If you do attempt this design, I'd love for you to share it on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram.  Have fun!


  1. Oh, I love it! Thanks for doing it.I especially appreciate the tip about wetting the sponge.

    1. you're so welcome. i never thought to do a tutorial for anything...ever so thanks for the idea. (:

  2. Really cool! I've never thought of this idea - it looks seriously awesome. Must try :)

  3. This will be on my todo list for a way of doing a nail art challenge mani!!! So awesome, Danielle!!


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