Monday, July 9, 2012

NYC Lincoln Square Lavender

Hope you all had a good and productive Monday.  I know that's usually far-fetched, but I did.  I was very sleepy, but I got a lot accomplished at work today, AND I didn't break or chip any nails like I usually do.  Since I'm super sleepy, I'm actually laying bed typing this so it's going to be really short.  I'll just show you the photos and you all can come up with your own opinion.  Leave your "review" below in the comments.  I'd love to read them.  (:
Have a good night.


  1. Those are good colors . They are versatile and can take you into early fall. I am just not too sure where they sell NYC in town. You live in Houston just like me, did you buy on Internet or in store. I can see a great gradient with these two colors.

    1. Oh hey!! No I got it in a swap, but NYC sells at CVS, Target, and Walmart as far as I know. Where abouts do you live in Houston?


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