Thursday, January 10, 2013

The New 31DC Day 10 - Geometric

So I know this is going to sound weird, but I'm not really sure what geometric nails are.  I know what geometric print is in terms of fashion and apparel, but I didn't understand how to put that on my nails.  I think I did a pretty fine job though.  Check it out!
Yep!  I love 'em.  I bet you think I used tape too.  Nope!  This was free hand.  That may not seem like a big win doing this free hand, but I don't have a steady hand at all.  Making a straight line with a nail art brush can be a huge challenge for someone like me.  I tried to use colors that I thought would look nice for Spring since it's just around the corner.
China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy - peachy pink
Color Club Sweet Pea - lavender
Zoya Charisma - magenta
Kiss Nail Art - blue stripes

This is such a bright, fun mani.  I just can't stop staring.  I think it gives me the illusion of a great hand tan too!  lol.


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