Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 10 of 2012

No these are not my Top 10 polishes of 2012, but instead my Top 10 posts of 2012.  I stole this idea from Ashley of Smashley Sparkles so thanks!  I'll just jump right into it.


First I want to give an Honorable Mention to a certain favorite polish of mine that didn't quite make it to the Top 10:
With 161 page views and an amazing matte top coat, this is by far one of my favorite Zoya polishes in my collection.  It's such a great layering polish, and that coral color is so fresh.

At number 10 with 172 views:
This is one of my favorite water marbles that I've done.  I just love the colors and how well they work together.  I believe my inspiration was a sunset.

Number 9 with 182 views:
I really love how this one turned out, eventhough I had some "bleeding".  This one was super fun because it was a post I did with the aforementioned Ashley of Smashley Sparkles.  HERE is her post.

Number 8 with 186 views:
So of course I like this polish.  I mean, I did buy it.  I just can't believe such a simple (but pretty) color made it to the Top 10.  Congrats Purple Diamond.  You're not so simple after all!

At number 7 with 208 views:
I still am 100% in LOVE with this polish.  I may not love pink, but I love this.  You couldn't pay me to rid of it.  Not to mention, my nails were gorgeous back then.

Number 6 with 222 views:
What up?!!  I can't get enough of this color, and I'm completely blind from staring at it.  This is the first and only bottle of polish I've ever used to completion.  That's just means I can get another.

Number 5 with 285 views:
For me this is one of those "go to" manis.  It's always going to look clean and fresh and very classic, I think.

Number 4 with 307 views:
I think this was the first mani in my Valentine's Day series.  It was the first time using my dotting tools and this FREE Deborah Lippmann.  That's right!  I said free!  Beauty Brands was very nice to me that day.

Number 3 with 591 views:
3D nail gems + extreme shimmer + Julie G = the most amazing manicure!  These were actually inspired less by the actual Julie G and more by her manicure she vlogged when she got back from Tokyo.  You can see her vid HERE.

The runner up at number 2 with 714 views:
No offense to those that like this mani, but I just don't get it.  lol 714 page views?  And to this day, it's still one of most popular posts.  I didn't even really like it, but thanks so much to those that do. (:

And my number 1 most popular post of 2012 with 1634 page views

I hope you all enjoyed recap of my most popular posts.  I enjoyed putting it together for you all.  Look forward to many more blog posts this year.  Have a wonderful evening.  Happy New Year again and have a great 2013!


  1. That Valentines Day mani is so cute...Great job!

    1. so am i the only one that doesn't like it? lol but thank you!

  2. My favorites are the Valentine one..the lips and the caviar mani...I didn't think I'd love the effect of a caviar soooo much! You make me want to try one now..CURSE YOU DANIELLE!!! CURSE YOU!!! LOL <3

  3. Great posts! I love the 3D one with the bows!

    1. i'm glad someone does. it has a ton of page views but not one single comment. it was weird.

  4. That Tokyo manicure has got to be the most amazing mani I have seen! I love all your mani's but this on is outrageous in a super fantastic way.


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