Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The New 31DC Day 23 - Inspired by Nature

Oh I can't wait for you all to scroll down and see these!!
So this is my inspiration photo.  It's just a print of a cherry blossom branch.  I knew that I wanted to do cherry blossoms because they are some of the most beautiful flowers in nature.  The symbolism in both Chinese and Japanese cultures is beautiful as well.  In the Chinese culture, cherry blossoms symbolize being a strong-willed woman that values freedom and liberty.  The Japanese culture believes that there is a connection between the cherry blossom and the admiration of life or shortness of existence.  They also believe it symbolizes the sadness of passed loved ones.  Pretty deep right?
I love, love, LOVE these nails!  However I didn't quite know how to "draw" them out on my nails since my nails are shorties, so I thought just using my dotting tool was enough.  I showed this to some friends before today and they all knew what it was right away. (:   I thought the blossoms on here were a little too blah in color, so I added brighter pops of color on mine and also some sparkle.

Sephora by OPI Don't Feed the Hand Models - base color
Zoya Codie/OPI Warm & Fozzie - branches
Color Club Blusing Rose - light pink dots
Hard Candy Fabuluxe - pink glitter dots

This was a super fast and easy manicure so that's great and means I can do it again when I'm in a rush.


  1. I can't tell you how much I love these! In fact, I am bookmarking these as a potential recreate mani for the end of the challenge!

  2. These are really cute. I love Cherry Blossoms :)

    1. me too! did you like my tiny lesson on their meaning? lol

  3. I love the dimension you got on this. :)

    1. chock that up to the sparkle. i couldn't NOT have used them. lol

  4. Very pretty. I've seen them in paintings on pale, pale green quite a bit. I'll bet that would make them stand out more for you. I might even get brave and give it a shot.


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