Saturday, February 25, 2012

Comparison - Essie Sexy Divide/Ulta I Love My Blackberry

So when I first bought these it was around the same time and I was in a really purple mood.  I didn't even realize how similar they were until I saw them next to each other.  I figured since they were the same, I would go ahead and do a comparison post and then keep the one with the best formula or finish.  Little did I know, they are nothing alike.

 This is the image that had me completely fooled.  I know they don't look exact but I didn't expect this to happen.
My pinky and middle finger are Essie Sexy Divide, and my ring and pointer finger are Ulta I Love My Blackberry.  They are absolutely different is shade but not too much in formula.

As you can see, Essie Sexy Divide is lighter and has more red whereas Ulta ILMB is way darker and more blue and black, hence the reference to the blackberry.  Essie also required 3 coats and Ulta only needed 2.  The applications of these two pretties were very easy to apply as well.
This photo is inside with flash, but you can still tell the difference in shade.  I wish you could see it in person because the contrast is so wide.  Since they are so different, lucky for me, I get to keep them both! (:

And one last note, they photographed so well and very true to color, unlike other purples.  Just a heads up.

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