Saturday, February 18, 2012

Essence Choose Me and a Product Review

Today's polish is Essence Choose Me.  Love this color!  I couldn't wait to swatch and post this eventhough I've had it forever and worn it a hundred times.
I definitely couldn't get it to photograph correctly or maybe it just pulls more blue on my skin.  The actual color is more green/teal with some micro glitter.  It's pretty amazing.  There are many dupes out there in the world including Orly Haley's Comet and OPI Catch Me In Your Net, but for the price (99¢ at Ulta), I say this one is the best.

Now for my review on Kiss Nail Polish Strips that I used in THIS post just like I promised.  

I was extremely pleased with them; especially for the price.  I found them at Dollar General for $3 and they had 10 to 12 different prints from leopard and butterflies to swirls and flowers.  The application was a breeze.  There was no tearing, no wrinkles, nothing.  Just a smooth, easy application.  I noticed they are a lot thicker than the Sally Hansen strips which I think helped.  The only issue I found was, of course, longevity.  I only had a tiny bit of tip wear but nothing really noticeable.  They claim, just like every other brand, to last up to 10 days.  Well mine only lasted 5 days which I wasn't so upset about since I was itching to take them off and paint my nails again.  When it came time for removal, it was also a breeze.  I didn't even need nail polish remover.  I just picked up a side that had started to loosen and peeled it right off.  It did leave a little sticky gunk on my nails, but a little water got that off as well.

Review Wrap-Up
Price: $...a great value
Variety: I thought there was a wide variety of designs and I noticed on the Kiss website, there are even more that I did not see in the store.
Application:  super easy; no issues at all
Quality: great!  I love how thick they are.  The SH strips feel like tissue paper to me.
Wear:  They were awesome.  I didn't have any lifting or tearing and minimal tip wear after 5 days  of showers, baths, dishes, lotions, etc.
Removal:  extremely simple. I just peeled them off.  No polish remover needed.
Would I Purchase Again:  ABSOLUTELY!

I hope you guys enjoyed this lengthy post and thanks for reading!


  1. Good review! Do you think if I only use one at a time, will the others last or rather dry out? I remember reading somewhere that some of the nail design stickers dry out if not used at once.

    1. that is supposedly the case. i haven't used the leftovers from this set yet but i did put them in a plastic baggie to keep the air out. i can try them and let you know.

    2. i know this is almost a year old now, but i wanted to let you know that keeping them in a plastic baggie worked. they are still just as good as the day i bought them. i can only vouch for the kiss strips though. (:


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