Sunday, February 12, 2012

V is for Valentine's Mani

This is my first successful tape mani and I love it.

First, I did two coats of each base color.  Then I just made a V shape with the tape and placed it on each nail in a different direction.  Then I applied the tip color and V is for Voila!

I think these are so cool.  They look so retro.

No Name Franken - thumb
Love&Beauty Lavender - pointer
Jesse's Girl Fashion Friday - middle
Jesse's Girl Cupcake Frosting - ring
L.A. Girl Flare Hyper - pinky
Ulta High Roller - gold V
Jesse's Girl Party Dress - red V



  1. I flippin' LOVE this! do you wait a day before sticking the tape on? do you use regular tape or what?

    1. no i use a quick dry top coat in between each layer, and yes i use regular scotch tape. i stick it to my shirt once before my nail and i do one at a time. you can wait a day if you want though.


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