Thursday, March 1, 2012

butterLONDON Slapper Layering Frenzy

Hello! Hello!  And Happy March!

I'm really happy with this purchase so I must show you how pretty it is, then how I went crazy.
I hate how I couldn't get it to photograph correctly, but it definitely has more green in it.  It's a teal creme that is opaque in 2 coats and the photos are with no top coat.  It dries fairly shiny which is nice.

I just couldn't resist adding some glitter to this so I brushed on butterLONDON Tart With a Heart.
Ooh!  How pretty?!  Tart With a Heart is described by butterLONDON as a "pale pink parade of glitter [that] carries a dash of grey".  Ok it does look nude in the bottle, but if you get close, there is a pink base with gold micro glitter and larger iridescent glitter.

Maybe I'll even add shatter or crackle.  Who knows?
Thanks for reading and happy blogging!


  1. omg.. thats a gorgeous color!! love this mani...

    1. thanks. i think i actually swapped this polish. i love it but i just never wore it. ):


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