Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hey Followers!

As you may have noticed I changed my blog name.  I know there are a lot of "lacquer lovers" out there, but at the time I started this blog, I wasn't feeling very inspired, and I just couldn't think of anything else.  Well today I dyed my hair a vibrant red and I feel more like myself than I have in awhile.  I put some makeup on and dressed up (I didn't go anywhere lol) just because I needed to make myself feel good again.  And let me be honest; I haven't felt good about myself in a long time. This new look compelled me to change everything about myself.  Well not everything, but a lot of things, starting here.  I gotta start somewhere.

That being said, this was my first change and I'm very pleased so far.  So please make sure if you have posted any links to this site, I'd greatly appreciate you changing the URL to  My email will stay the same ( so if you need to contact me, the email address will stay posted under my "About Me" tab at the top and under my photo on the sidebar.  I know this might seem like a hassle, but trust me.  For me, it's totally worth it.  I feel like a new girl.

Rock & Roll!


  1. I can see your new page when I copy your URL into the bar but youre not on my dashboard anymore. When I click on Polish. Glitter. Rock & Roll on my dashboard it brings me to someone elses page. Im not sure whats up with that, I recently changed mine too and maybe mine is messing up like yours and people dont see my posts anymore. If you find a solution, please let me know haha until then Im sorry . Ill try and keep lookin at your blog on my own since I dont see yours posts any more!@

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  3. I bought my domain name through blogger bc I tried godaddy but it was annoying, doing it through blogger is way easier, its $10 a year just go to your settings and click add own domain name or personal domain and just buy it through blogger but youll have to set your original url back to the one you started with

    1. thanks for the tip but i don't have a job and that means no money. i've changed my url once before and it wasn't a prob.


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