Monday, March 26, 2012

Color Club Fame & Fortune and Metamorphosis

Hey Guys!

Today I want to show you my very first Color Club polishes.  I actually found these at HEB (a Texas grocery store) and I was really surprised at the collection of they carry, including OPI, Orly, and the Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kollection.  So then I was about to leave the cosmetics area, when I spotted a small Color Club "display" tucked on the bottom shelf of an end cap.  So I picked up the ones I liked best and rushed home to have a swatch party.
First up is Fame & Fortune.  It is a magenta jelly base filled with shredded chunks or holo glitter.  I applied 3 coats but I definitely think this is better as a layering polish.  Once I got it on, I wasn't crazy about it.  I wish it was just a clear base with the shredded glitter.
This beauty is Metamorphosis.  It's a beautiful emerald green with a slight flash of purple (sadly it shows up more in the bottle than on the nail) with a foil finish.  I always love foil finishes and I love green, so I've been wearing this a lot lately.  It reminds me a lot of Sally Hansen Emerald Express so I will be posting a comparison probably Wednesday.

I hope you guys come back to check it out.


  1. I just got metamorphosis, but have yet to wear it!

    1. you should get on that girl. it's so much better irl. the whole collection is great actually.


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