Sunday, August 18, 2013

OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection

Good Afternoon Lovelies!  Today is supposed to by lazy day, but I thought it was the best day to get a lot of posts done.  I am finally getting these beautiful swatches up too.  I wanted to wait until all the hype had worn down because I know even I was getting tired of see swatches of them.  Also I know I won't get my hands on the new Zoya PixieDusts (besides Carter) for awhile so what better time than now to show a fresh take on some of the most beautiful textured polishes around.
I'll start by saying that I didn't show any of these with top coat like I did with the other textured collections I've shown because it didn't change the look of them at all.  They just weren't textured anymore.  As far as formula goes, all of them were about the same...fabulous!  I know some textured polishes can get thick or goopy and sometimes unmanageable but that is not the case here.  Now for swatches!
Starting with the lightest, this is Solitaire.  It is a frosty, pearly white with silver glitter.  I don't think this is the most flattering color for me however it's going to be great for Winter/Holiday nail art.  I used three thin coats.
Honey Ryder is definitely one of my faves out of the collection.  I used two thin coats but could have easily got away with one.  It is a warm, super metallic gold with silver glitter and everyone should own it.  I feel like it would look great on any skin tone.
Pussy Galore is a frosty, pearly powder pink with pink shimmer throughout.  My camera wouldn't capture the shimmer but I promise it's there.  This is one that I thought I would hate simply because it's baby pink, but it's not that bad.  I may not wear it that often but I think I may reach for it now and again.  This is two coat.
Jinx!  Ahhh Jinx.  I am always drawn to coral-y colors and this one is the perfect fit.  It's a red/orange/coral base with a sugary golden shimmer along the same caliber as the Zoya PixieDusts.  The colors is also very saturated so I only needed two coats.  This is another collection favorite if you couldn't tell.  (:
Tiffany Case is another polish I thought I may not like, but I actually love it.  The same as Honey Ryder, this is a super metallic light blue with silver glitter.  I could have got away with one coat but used two for good measure.  When this dries down completely it really is stunning.  I've also read (only a few blogs) that it stains but I didn't have that issue any time I've worn it. *shrugs shoulders*
And finally Vesper.  Tied with Honey Ryder and Jinx for a collection favorite, I absolutely love this color.  I should have shown you all what it looked like in two coats but I always wear it with three so that's what we have here.  This is the only one without any kind of glitter/shimmer or metallic undertone.  It's a pretty "flat", straight-forward dark plum.  I love the finish on this one when it's completely dry too.  The photos above came out much glossier than in real life.

I hope you all enjoyed my take on the Bond Girls collection.  Which one is your favorite?  Are you torn between a few like me?  Let me know in the comments below.  Happy Lazy Sunday!


  1. great swatches! I have solitaire but maybe I should have picked up the gold too!

    1. i agree. everyone needs honey ryder and jinx. (:


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