Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Water Marble Wednesday

Afternoon!  Welcome back to another Water Marble Wednesday.  Today was probably one of the most successful marbling days I've had in awhile.  Let's take a look.  (:
I love the idea of doing different types of nail art over gradients, especially water marbles.  It can be a bit difficult though to find a clear polish that wants to cooperate with the colored polish.  Today I decided to make it a bit easier on myself and use a sheer glass-flecked top coat instead of just plain clear polish and it worked!
First I did my gradient using China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy - coral, Jesse's Girl JulieG Fashion Friday - purple, and China Glaze Four Leaf Clover - teal.  On a side note, I just noticed that I used all polish names that begin with the letter "F".  That was not intentional.
Anyway, back to the mani.  After my gradient dried, I taped off my nails and started my bulls-eye in the water using a plain white creme polish from NYC and Zoya LA Pop, the sheer glass-flecked top coat.  I made a chevron kinda design in the water and tried to dip my nail to where the "points" were completely vertical.  I think I pulled it off though.  The design is still not as perfect as I would like, but it's just nail art for fun anyway.  (:
Now I have to get ready for work so I won't get to talk to you all for a whole 8 hours.  With that being said, please let me know what you think of this amazing water marble.  You can leave all your comments below and/or comment on my Facebook page.  Have a great day!  (:


  1. Replies
    1. thank you. i really wanted this one to work out. thank goodness it did.

  2. Your gradient with water marbling is so so pretty! I love the colors you used! :)

    ~ Yun

  3. That is gorgeous. If I thought I had a snowflake's chance in a hot pan of creating a mani that looked like that, I would actually try marbling.

    1. lol you never know until you try. practice makes perfect. (:


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