Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Urban Outfitter Ombre Sets

Afternoon!  I've noticed over the past past couple of months that Urban Outfitters has fun polish goodies from nail art stickers and brushes (which I own and are awesome) to these ombre sets I picked up for just $10 each.  Sadly I don't think they have them on their site anymore but I saw them in-store and on clearance I believe.
They don't have names but this one is a grey/silver combination with a scattered holo glitter.
This one is a combination of different teal/turquoise colors and one glitter as well.
My pinky has a steely grey satin polish.  My ring finger is more of a pewter silver satin polish  My middle finger has a light grey creme polish that looks a lot like Zoya Dove.  My pointer finger is a metallic silver polish with silver glitter bits.  And my thumb (excuse the staining) is the scattered holo glitter.  As far as these colors being cohesive in some nail art, I think they would work, but they don't look very ombre to me.  I think the glitter would be best layered over each one and not used as a part of the ombre look.
The teal set really surprised me because the colors are much more vibrant than they look in the bottles and they were matte!  That was totally unexpected and I love them.  I added a top coat for you all as well eventhough I prefer them matte.  ;)
My pinky has a darker teal creme polish.  My ring finger is a turquoise/teal creme with silver shimmer/glitter bits.  My middle finger is a turquoise creme with a slight shimmer and maybe my fave of the set.  My pointer has a lighter teal creme polish.  My thumb is a scattered holo glitter in a shimmery teal base.  This whole set really reminds of mermaids.  It's so pretty.  Again I think these would work in some nail art together, but as far as being ombre, they are not.  Maybe if I switched the colors on my middle and ring finger they would blend better, but I just used them as they were packaged.

Each set has it's ups and downs apart from the color/finish selection.  Each polish only needed two coats except both glitters I used three.  The teal/turquoise set had fabulous formulas for being tiny, no-name bottles.  The darkest shade from the grey/silver set was goopy and had a few application issues but it self-leveled.  The color on my ring finger from the grey/silver set was actually almost dried out in the bottle.  The lid wasn't closed all the way.   /:  Luckily I was still able to use it and it was more manageable than I thought it would be.

So will I be doing another ombre mani with these?  Probably not.  Will I be using these for some awesome nail art?  YES!  I feel like $10 is a bit much for these set unless I can get great use out of them.  Mermaid-inspired mani here I come!!

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